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Condition treated with Adderall, in brief

06 Feb 14 - ADHD The "official" name for the condition we sometimes still refer to as "attention deficit disorder" (ADD) is "attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder" (ADHD).

Mormons, in brief

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27 Jan 14 - LDS The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, often abbreviated to "LDS", is known colloquially as the Mormon Church.

One might show muscles, in brief

20 Jan 14 - MRI A CT (or "CAT") scan produces (via computer manipulation) a three dimensional image of the inside of an object, usually the human body. It does ...

1.0 is not a good one, in brief

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26 Dec 13 - 1.0 is not a good one, in brief : GPA Grade point average (GPA)

Showed no restraint, in brief

15 Dec 13 - Showed no restraint, in brief : ODED Overdose (OD)

Balancing expert, in brief?

10 Dec 13 -  Balancing expert, in brief? : CPA Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Martians, e.g., in brief

09 Dec 13 - Martians, e.g., in brief : ETS Extraterrestrial (ET)